The Moment iEnthusiasts Have Been Waiting For

As alluded to in a previous post (see Gadget Whores Perk Up!!!), Apple unveiled its latest and greatest hours ago. I won’t bother rehashing what has already been said. You can read all about the new developments HERE.

Now that the iPhone 6 is coming down in price, I may consider getting it when my 5 permanently fritzes. I may also look at that Apple TV, although I would have to determine if/how it is better than my Roku which I absolutely love. I don’t have a need for a bigger iPad. I actually love my Mini; it fits in my purse and is easy to hold and navigate. So all-in-all, there was nothing in the announcement that made me want to camp out in front of the Apple store and get anything new. But kudos to all of you who run out and get the latest, if for no other reason than to say you have the latest. I’m sure there will be someone crossing my path that will let me play with their gadget for a few moments. For now, that will be thrilling enough.