Soo ..​ What’s This All About?

Hi All!

For some strange reason, I got the idea to start a blog. Not sure why and don’t necessarily have a “theme” in mind, so I suspect this will end up being a smorgasborg – a little bit of everything. I’m multi-layered (as are many). I have a variety of interests. I’m passionate, political, emotional, stubborn, caring, among other things.  Basically, a complex human being. I’m very interested in the infotainment that is the 2016 Presidential Campaign (how many more names will Donald Trump call Megyn Kelly before this is all over); I’m deeply affected by the seeming current-day genocide of the Black community; and my heart is continuously wounded by the constant displays of hate that are so common in today’s society. Soo .. stayed tuned! Who knows what you might get from post to post. I plan to have new writings for you at least once a week. I hope that you will enjoy, or at the very least respect it.

Thanks for dropping by!

PS: I’m creating this blog completely on my own and I am NOT tech savvy, so there WILL be kinks. But if you are reading this then  I figure I’m not doing to shabby. From picking hosting to uploading themes and trying to get this to look pretty – my hope is that I get better with time. I can assure you I have learned A LOT more about websites than I ever really wanted to know but now I can add another semi-skill to my list. OK, toodles!