My Hair My Crown

This new Dove | Kelly Rowland collabo has been trending so I decided to give this commercial a looksie. Over the years Dove has highlighted the importance of equality and positive body image. Now they are tackling the issue of women’s hair. 

Being a Black woman, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. For many of us, our hair IS our crowning glory. Our hair is also often at the center of power struggles. There are many instances that we’ve seen through the years where White people put regulations on Black hair styles in an effort to demean, dehumanize, and control. 

Thankfully, I’ve never directly experienced instances of discrimination that stem from my hairstyle. However, you don’t have to look hard to find evidence of this. Whether it’s children sent home from elementary school because their ponytails, braids, or afros are deemed “a distraction,” or a high schooler being forced to cut his dreadlocks off in front of a packed gymnasium before being allowed to compete in a wrestling match, or military personnel being discharged for refusing to cut their dreadlocks, or corporate women being told to straighten their hair or lose their jobs – there is a plethora of examples where discrimination or oppression comes in the form of a hair mandate. 

This collaboration is timely and fitting. I love how Kelly included stories of young Black girls who have been bullied so that we have a face to go with the collective stories. I didn’t understand the purpose of the redhead who didn’t like being called ginger – isn’t that the appropriate term? The blonde standing with tons of accolades while talking about her hard lot in life also seemed counterintuitive. Despite some inconsistencies, Kelly Rowland’s newest video Crown has an opportunity to serve as an empowerment piece for young girls the world over. Watch the video and share it with your circle including the young ladies in your life that you cherish. And wherever or whoever you are, be sure to always wear YOUR crown with pride.